Mora Capital.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with Immediate Liquidity

At Mora Capital, we revolutionize the way company founders access liquidity. We understand the value of your hard work and the importance of having financial flexibility before an IPO. Our platform is designed to connect visionary founders with investors, providing a unique opportunity to sell part of your company while retaining control and continuing to shape its future.

56 deals & $155 million funded by 100+ investors. Built by founders for founders.


We are a like-minded collection of 100+ investors who are all investing their personal money individually. No partner-approvals, no 30-page docs, no red-tape. $75 million+ of liquidity. We'll promise to reply in 24 hours, give you a quick process and decision. We're entrepreneurs, not bankers.


Founded:, Peanut Labs, Sandhill Markets


Founded:, Peanut Labs


Realize Your Company's Full Potential Now

With Mora Capital, your equity is no longer tied down until an IPO. Our platform offers a novel way to access the liquidity you need now, whether to enjoy your success, reinvest in your business, or embark on new projects.

Target Profile
Company Industry All industries.
Company Metrics At-least $5m in annual revenue and $1m in profits.
Investment Amount $250K to $25 million.
Instrument Primary or secondary. Preferred shares with a minimum dividend guarantee.
Liquidity At-least 1x / year trading window during which investors can trade shares.
Past Deals Airbnb, Gumroad, Invenia, Silo, Camston Wrather, Udemy + 56 others.
Funded Amount $155 million
Focus Profitable businessess that generate stable revenue and need partial liquidity ❤️
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12-18% dividend. Liquid shares.

Join a group of 100+ other entreprenuer investors that are investing in real world, main street businessess that generate a predictible dividend return. Gone are the days of investing in unprofitable startups hoping to make it big. Our platform stands out by allowing investments into businesses that adhere to strict financial benchmarks, audited financials & delivering an expected dividend yield of about 12-18%.

  • Exclusive, High-Quality Opportunities: Only companies meeting our financial standards are listed.
  • Expected Returns: Look forward to cash dividends with an anticipated yield of around 12-18%.
  • Liquidity Options: Each company runs an auction at-least once a year to provide liquidity to investors.
  • Quarterly Dividends: We automatically deposit the dividends in your bank account every quarter and handle all the related legal and accounting paperwork.
  • Risk Mitigation: Diversify your portfolio across various industries to balance risk and optimize returns.

We are only able to accept accredited investors. Please contact us to discuss investing opportunities.


Shoot us an email and we promise to get you back to by tomorrow.